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Radio like you've never heard

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About Us

About Us

K4CO Radio is an internet and app streamed radio station based in Centennial, Colorado. Our mission is to play a large span of music from the 1940’s through today, with no commercials, with in-depth interviews, and four times more music than the average AM/FM corporate radio station. Keeping with the true spirit of radio, most of our content will be operated by our on-air DJ’s. It's time to make a radio station about our community, the music, and the future.


Joshua D'Estrada

On average, pre-recorded commercials are played on most AM/FM radio stations 18 minutes of every hour (that’s almost 1/3 of every hour). The rest of the time is dedicated to talk, mixed with the music that DJ’s are required to play. Here at K4CO, we feel music is the foundation of radio and should take up a more significant amount of time. Our DJ’s have the freedom to play a wide range of music. If you have a love for music, we are the station for you.

"The music is your special friend"

- Jim Morrison

The world of radio has been changing over the past decades. AM and FM radio stations have been focusing attention on airing an excessive amount of commercials and playing only a select group of songs that they push to their listeners. Today it is no wonder you hear the same song repeated on multiple radio stations. Many incredible artists with extensive catalogues are reduced to a handful of songs (if not only one or two). A majority of great musicians’ catalogues cease to exist in today's world of broadcast radio.

"Music drives you. It wakes you up, it gets you pumping. And, at the end of the day, the correct tune will chill you down"

- Dimebag Darrell


William Roberts


Kevin Stanley
Station Manager

sara duke.jpg

Sara Duke

Vice President of

Media Relations

Morgan Redfearn.JPG

Morgan Redfearn

Content Creator

At K4CO Radio, we believe it is time to make a drastic change and create a concept of what radio should be: a platform spanning many years and genres of music, combined with a community of dedicated listeners and partnerships. Internet radio, in the US, has grown an average of 8.4% per year since 2018. There are many different types of internet radio, and we want to bring back the old feel of radio, with more focus on music and community. It is time to accept that times are changing, and bring radio into the future.

"To hell with the rules. If it sounds right, then it is"

- Eddie Van Halen


Larry Manring

Venue Coordinator

Sabino Barrera.jpg

Sabino Barrera

Audio/Video Specialist

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From Left to Right: Joshua D'Estrada (President), Sara Duke (Vice President of Media Relations), Kevin Stanley (Station Manager), William Roberts (Vice President)


This community section is updated with community events that K4CO Radio will be covering and/or broadcasting live.

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K4CO Radio is very proud to be partnered with Herman's Hideaway, supporting local Colorado and national musicians for over 60 years. 

1758 S Broadway 
Denver CO 80210
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Friday, May 24th

May 24 event.png

K4CO Radio will be attending and broadcasting LIVE at the Denver NLF Wine Down Event on Friday, May 24th at The Mezz at Fiddler's Green. from 5PM - 7:30PM.

The Mezz at Fiddlers Green
6440 S Syracuse Way
Centennial, CO 80111

The Mezz at Fiddlers Green.JPG

Saturday, June 15th


K4CO Radio will be attending and broadcasting LIVE at the Sierra's Race Against Meningitis on Saturday, June 15th at Foundations Church in Loveland. Join the race featuring many vendors starting at 8AM.

Foundations Church

1380 Denver Ave
Loveland, CO 80537

Foundations Church.JPG


K4CO Radio is proud to be partnered with and support these nonprofits. Thank you so much for taking the time to help us spread the word about these amazing organizations.

TAPS logo.jpg

About TAPS: The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) is the national organization providing compassionate care for the families of America’s fallen military heroes. TAPS provides peer-based emotional support, grief and trauma resources, grief seminars for adults, Good Grief Camps for children, case work assistance, connections to community-based care, and a 24/7 resource and information helpline for all who have been affected by a military death. Services are provided free of charge. TAPS has offered support  surviving family members of our fallen military since 1994.

Foundation 1010 Logo.jpg

About Foundation 1010: Our mission is to enhance the well-being of first responders and their loved ones through advocacy, support, and resource provision. By raising awareness and providing access to tools and services that promote their physical, emotional, and mental health, we strive to improve their quality of life and show gratitude for their selfless service to our communities.



Here at K4CO Radio, our mission is to provide our listeners with a great mix from the 40's through today, including many different genres/styles, and music that you would not normally hear on any other radio station. In order to provide a great mix and promote different music to our listeners, we keep it fresh by not having a fixed schedule every day. Below you will see a general schedule of our shows.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our daily schedules!

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Monday - Friday
7AM - 10AM (Mountain Standard Time)

Music: Mixed

Monday - Friday
2PM - 5PM (Mountain Standard Time)

Music: Mixed

KEV on the RADIO DIA.jpg
Sunday Sit-Down final.png

9AM - 12PM (Mountain Standard Time)

Talk / Music: Mixed

Endorsed Businesses

Endorsed Businesses

Businesses endorsed by K4CO Radio, as well as their contact information & websites.

Cranelli's square.jpg

(303) 799-3661


(949) 413-7969

HBM Logo1.png



(303) 985-3276

Cercone Logo.png


k4coradio website.jpg






Healing Ink logo.jpg


REMAX Professionals.jpg






Endorsements with K4CO Radio are on-air, informative recommendations promoting a company or organization. Endorsements are delivered on-air by the K4CO Radio DJ’s or K4CO Radio guests.

Every business and organization is different and has different needs. We want to make sure our endorsements are tailored to your business and your particular needs.


Upon signing up for endorsements, K4CO employees will learn about your company or organization to better understand how we can accurately endorse it.


On-Air Happy Hours (Interviews)

Interviews on K4CO Radio are conducted with local business owners/representatives, organizations, musicians, or persons of interest. To set our station apart from standard corporate radio stations, K4CO Radio interviews include an on-air profile of our guest and their goals, as well as giving them their choice of music during the interview. You will spend time on air with one of our DJ’s for an in depth discussion about yourself and your passion. We will be able to play artists you choose in accordance with our licensing. 



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K4CO will provide 15 seconds of air time, three times a day for an agreed period of time. This is generally used for  “be on the lookout” or “coming soon” messages, such as organized public events, public fairs, new small business openings, future projects, etc.

K4CO Radio will have an open-door policy when it comes to the public and our community, regarding our on-air content. We will always be willing to hear your feedback, whether on the phone, a walk-in to our location, or a pre-set appointment. 

Contact Us

Contact Us


Bldg 7, Suite 102


(720) 762-4737

Have us contact you

Thank you for your interest!

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